One Team. Infinite Strategy.

Our mission

The greatest marketing campaigns are created by first defining your goals, then partnering with our internal creative and strategic experts to make it happen.

Using every facet of our talented team, we will operate as one agile company, delivering a full range of multi-platform services and solutions every step of the way — from concept to delivery. In this manner, we will serve as a trusted partner and one-stop resource for all of our clients' marketing needs.

1st Background

We've got your back, every step of the way.

Don't call us an ad agency.

Or a direct mail firm, or a printer or a web shop. Because we're all of those things and a whole lot more. At Wilen New York LLC, we've got over 40 years of experience defying expectations and setting the bar high for innovation.

What makes us so different? Unlike just about any other agency, we work as a single team, from initial concepts to creative to production to delivery—a seamless process that lets us identify strategic advantages every step of the way.

What that means to you is sharper creative, smarter formats and more cost-effective delivery. Whether it's direct mail, digital, print, television or radio, we deliver results.

One team. Infinite strategy. In other words, in everything we do, your success is our number one goal.

Contact us at wilen {at} wilengroup -dot- com

2nd Background

Our Team

3rd Background


Our great ideas come from everywhere. That's why Wilen New York LLC is committed to employing a diverse pool of ambitious individuals. Because we work across multiple industries, our team is comprised of a lethal squad of specialists who eat, sleep and breathe strategy, creative, data and measurement. We would love to hear your story and learn how your unique skills and talents can enhance our growing company. Shoot us an e-mail at careers {at} wilengroup -dot- com

4th Background

Our Work

Mortgage Lenders

Today, with mortgage rates at record lows, lenders need to create a sense of urgency for consumers to act on refinancing. Not an easy thing to do in this very tough market. Wilen New York LLC's use of targeted VDP personalization, real customer testimonials and local insight has proven a successful way to leverage acclaim, build credibility and foster a sense of trust and community among mortgage holders.

Utility Companies

Deregulation of the energy market, concerns over global warming and the high cost of heating or cooling a home are just a few of the hurdles that utility companies must navigate in order to reach the consumer. Breaking through all the jargon and giving consumers a real reason to believe is where many companies hit a wall. Wilen New York LLC's solutions, from highly targeted and personalized direct mail to digital marketing, have proven successful for generating new customers and maintaining current ones.

Entertainment Companies

Increased competition from service providers has left many companies in the telecommunications arena struggling to hold subscriber attention. Wilen New York LLC's solution for this industry has included tapping in to the digital arena. Targeted online advertising efforts that leveraged banner ads, personalized URLs, QR codes and social media proved to be the key to great results and loyal, satisfied subscribers.

Financial Institutions

After the economic crisis in 2008, many financial institutions struggled to regain the public's trust. Our clients needed to present a friendlier, more down-to-earth persona to their customers.

Wilen New York LLC began by cleaning up the clients' website, which was cluttered with multiple messages all competing for attention. With the help of a simplified interface, messaging was able to become more concise while maintaining a consumer-centric, approachable voice.

Life Planning

No one wants to think about making burial arrangements or needing life insurance, but these very necessary services are vital for the well-being and peace-of-mind of millions of families. Getting that across to the consumer is another issue. Wilen New York LLC's approach to the life-planning industries? Cleaning up direct mail lists so only qualified targets were mailed. Softening design and warming up language to keep consumers engaged. All while lowering production costs by developing more efficient DM formats.